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rsyslog, journal or both?

rsyslog is an open source project that has been providing log data management in many linux distros for years, rsyslog is easy to setup and it has been widely used to store logs from many servers on a centralized one. On the other hand, journal is a systemd component with a similar role to rsyslog, but with a different approach (it doesn’t use traditional syslog files).

systemd is a controversial project since its beginnings, and journal is probably one of the most controversial components, mainly because of its initial intention to replace a stable and well-known component of any linux system such as syslog. In this post we are not discussing which of these projects is better, but simply showing which one of them is used in some linux distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or Fedora, because many users (like me before writing this post) are a little confused about the changes that are taking place in the log management. In any case, the situation shown in this post is likely to change in the next releases, so this post will probably soon become obsolete.

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