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OpenShift 3 on OpenStack

The OpenStack project is a libre software cloud computing platform for private and public clouds, which provides an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution and it’s agnostic in respect kind of applications that can run on it. OpenStack can be used by a software like OpenShift, a libre software PaaS solution in an extremely powerful combination providing a full IaaS+PaaS open source based stack.

OpenShift 3, the last OpenShift version, is not really a smooth evolution of OpenShift 2, it’s a new project based on docker and kubernetes, but Red Hat -the company behind OpenShift- decided to keep the same project name. OpenShift 3 comes in two flavors (AFAIK OpenShift Online has not been updated to version 3 yet): OpenShift Enterprise and OpenShift Origin, available on github. This post describes the installation and configuration of OpenShift Origin version 3 on OpenStack. The procedure followed here is only slightly different from the official documentation, which is strongly recommended to read, but several tips and comments are included in some significant steps.

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